Feature fiction, 90 min

director: Kosta Djordjevic

written by Dragan Nikolic

producer: Kinematografska kuca doo (SRB)

co-producers: Platforma (SRB), Marinis media (CRO)

cast: Kristina Jovanovic, Djurdjina Radic, Mladen Sovilj, Marko Janketic

supported by: Film Centre Serbia

Synopsis: It is scorching August on the streets of Belgrade. A cocky teenage girl Aya breaks up with her boyfriend for umpteenth time. A little while later, hanging out with her friends, she gets bullied and stabbed by the gang of local kids. The film depicts the rest of Aya’s day as she struggles between taking revenge and making up with her boyfriend. In 20 sequence shots, it tells an obsessive love story set in the teenage girl’s day that might just be every parent’s worst nightmare.

in post-production, to be completed in 2018


ROUGH CUT (working title)